England relaxes quarantine from March 8, until June 21 they want to lift all restrictions

British Prime Minister has officially presented a roadmap for easing in England, which includes four stages.

The BBC reports.

Johnson said his roadmap was “cautious but irrevocable.” There will be at least five weeks between each of the four stages.

The first stage will begin on March 8: from that day, full-time education in schools and higher education institutions will resume. All children’s clubs and additional activities will also resume work. In addition, residents of nursing homes will be able to receive one guest.

Sports facilities, such as tennis or basketball courts and outdoor swimming pools, are scheduled to open from March 29 within the same phase. People will no longer be required to stay at home, but if they can, they should work from home.

The second phase will open minor retail stores, hair and nail salons from April 12. From that day on, there will be no curfew in England and no requirement for alcohol to be accompanied by a “full meal.” Pubs and restaurants will be able to serve people outdoors.

The third stage will start no earlier than May 17th. “Most outdoor restrictions will be lifted if groups are limited to 30 people. We will also reopen indoor pubs and restaurants, as well as cinemas, theaters, sports stadiums, and several other institutions,” Johnson said.

The fourth phase of the relaxation of restrictions will occur no earlier than June 21, when all legislative restrictions on social contacts, including weddings, will be lifted.

“We will open everything down to nightclubs,” Johnson said, adding that he hopes to remove restrictions on large events and performances, “potentially using testing to reduce the risk of infection.”

Earlier, expressed hope that the current  will be the last but warned that he could not give guarantees for a quick return to normal life.

On February 21, the British government announced accelerated  vaccination plans, which stipulate that all adults will receive their first dose by July 31 – a month earlier than planned.

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