€61 million jackpot hit in Germany

It is known that a resident of Saxony was able to guess all the numbers, but his name has not yet been announced. Residents of 18 countries take part in Eurojackpot.

A resident of the federal state of Lower Saxony in won a Eurojackpot of more than 61 million euros. Reported by Spiegel on Saturday, November 21.

The anonymous participant of the game became the only one in Europe who was able to guess all the numbers: 18, 20, 34, 49, 50, as well as two Euro numbers — 7 and 8.

Note that Eurojackpot is a pan-European lottery that is played in and 17 other European countries, including Denmark, Italy, Croatia, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, and Hungary. Moreover, the lottery draw always takes place in Helsinki on Fridays.

Recall that earlier the Australian won a million and gave away half of the winnings. The woman won a large sum, half of which she will have to give due to a long-standing agreement. The Australian promised to keep her word.

It was also reported that postal workers in the United States lost a winning lottery ticket. The lucky ticket never reached the office of the lottery organizers, which is why they refused to pay the prize to the American.

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