Denmark will increase defense spending in the Arctic

wants to ramp up defense spending in the Arctic amid fears that a number of geopolitical players will intensify the struggle for control over resources and waterways in the region due to climate change and shrinking ice cover.

Reported by Reuters.

In particular, such risks are seen by and China. In recent decades, and its other northern neighbors have tried to avoid tensions in the Arctic.

“We have seen an increase in foreign activity in the Arctic and North Atlantic Ocean. We need better surveillance and a stronger presence in the region. Not to escalate tensions — but because we need to take threats seriously,” Defense Minister Trine Brahmsen said.

The deputies decided to use half of the allocated funds — 1.5 billion Danish kroner (about 245 million dollars) — on modern drones, which will strengthen surveillance in Greenland.

They want to spend about 400 million on aerial surveillance radar in the Faroe Islands.

Currently, Denmark, a member, has one aircraft, four helicopters, and four monitoring vessels over a large area. In addition to their usual presence, they look after fishing vessels and carry out search and rescue operations when necessary.

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