Denmark to destroy all minks to prevent coronavirus mutation

Minks living in Danish fur farms will be killed after cases of coronavirus infection are found among animals. The corresponding decision was made by the government of the country, according to Danish Radio.

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“All minks in Denmark must be killed,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said during an online press conference.

Currently, the politician is on self-isolation together with the Minister of Justice, Nick Hackerup, who had previously been confirmed with a coronavirus diagnosis.

Due to the mutated coronavirus infection in the mink, which spreads to humans and weakens the ability to form antibodies, decisive action is needed, Frederiksen said.

The Prime Minister noted that the mutated coronavirus found among minks can spread to humans and reduce the ability to form antibodies. In addition, the mutation poses a problem for the coronavirus vaccine under development, Frederiksen said.

To date, cases of infection with the mutated coronavirus have been identified at 207 mink farms on the island of Jutland. Among people, 12 cases of infection with a mutated coronavirus have been identified. According to Frederiksen, the virus could spread not only to another part of Denmark but to the whole world.

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