Delhi launches first unmanned metro line in India

India’s first unmanned metro line was launched in Delhi by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 28, The Indian Express writes.

“The launch of the first unmanned subway train shows how fast is moving towards artificial intelligence systems. The Made in India program is very important for the expansion of the metro network. It lowers cost, saves currency, and provides more employment for the Indian people, ” Modi said at the opening.

The launch ceremony was held via videoconference. Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also attended the event via video link.

At the first stage, only one line of the Delhi Metro, Line 8, 38 kilometers long, will operate in unmanned mode. For this, the tunnels were equipped with an updated signaling system. The necessary equipment has already been installed on Line 7.

We will remind you, the subway in Delhi began to be built in 2002 with a line with a length of 8.4 km. Now the total length of the branches of this transport network is 390 km. Another 61 km are expected to be built during the fourth phase of expansion.

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