Danish police reveal details of Madsen’s escape from prison

In Denmark, sentenced to life in prison, Peter Madsen escaped from prison, taking a prison psychologist hostage. This was announced by the head of the Danish Penitentiary Service Bo Jde Sorensen, Politiken reports on Tuesday, October 20.

Law enforcers do not specify how Madsen managed to take hostage, but Sorensen explained that Madsen was armed with “an object that looked like a pistol.”

The guards in the prison decided that there was a real threat to the life of the hostage, and did not dare to do anything other than to get Madsen out of prison.

“The weapons looked like the real thing, so the prison guards at the gate did not dare to risk a hostage who, in their opinion, was in mortal danger,” Sorensen added.

At the same time, the jailers followed Madsen when he ran out of the gate, but they had to leave when he threatened them to blow up his vest with explosives. Later it turned out that there were no explosives.

The media add that Madsen managed to get away from the prison at a distance of about 500 meters. Police cordoned off the residential area of Albertslund, about a kilometer from the prison, for several hours.

We will remind, the largest private submarine Nautilus for unknown reasons sank on August 11 near Copenhagen. The owner, Peter Madsen, was rescued from the boat, and the Swedish journalist who was with him on board disappeared under mysterious circumstances. On August 23, the body of a woman without limbs and head, found near Copenhagen, was identified as the missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall. Police later found the head of the murdered woman and the rest of her body.

Peter Madsen was charged with the murder of a journalist. Madsen changed his testimony several times during the and eventually admitted that he dismembered Wall’s body and threw it into the water. He called her death an accident, claiming that the journalist was poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Psychiatric experts recognized the inventor as a pathological liar, posing a danger to others. Madsen was sentenced to life in prison. Only in 2020, after the verdict, Madsen confessed to the murder.

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