Czech Prime Minister was attacked by an egg at a meeting with voters

Czech Prime Minister was attacked by an egg at a meeting with voters

A political opponent of Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis threw an egg at him during a campaign event, the Seznam Zpravy newspaper reported.

There was a with his opponents at a Babish campaign meeting in the village of Pruhonice, which the police had to resolve. Protesters first drove cars with Czech flags around the square and trumpeted to disrupt Babish’s rally. Then they lined up among the prime minister’s supporters and began to provoke them.

According to the newspaper, one of the participants had a plastic bag with eggs in it. When Babis was signing his books to supporters, a man in the crowd threw an egg at him. The intruder, who tried to flee, was caught on the spot by police. However, other protesters began to block the police and interfere in every way possible.

The prime minister moved from the open podium to a nearby candy store, where guards were waiting for him, and riot police arrived on the scene.

“Two people have been arrested on suspicion of committing the crime,” a police spokesman noted.

It is noted that police are investigating another incident that occurred before the event — supporters of the student movement “One Million Moments for Democracy” painted crosses on the square in memory of the victims of the pandemic coronavirus.

Earlier, Czech President Milos Zeman said that he would like to see Andrej Babis as his successor in the future.

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