Croatia tightens new quarantine ahead of Christmas

In Croatia, from December 23 this year to January 8, 2021, a travel ban between regions is being introduced in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Reported by Croatia Week.

In addition, in Croatia, no more than two families consisting of ten people can gather in one room. The government also decided not to impose restrictions on public events to allow residents of the country to attend Christmas services on December 24 and 25. The rest of the time they should be broadcast on radio or television. 

Recall that in the world for the entire time of the pandemic, almost 73 million people were infected with the coronavirus. According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, as of the morning of December 15, 72,824,936 people were infected with  in the world. 41 222 581 people were recovered from COVID-19. 1,620,490 people died of complications caused by the coronavirus.

Earlier we wrote that British doctors have discovered many cases of infection with a new mutated type of  that causes COVID-19 in the south-east of England.

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