Critical error broke drives in Windows

A built-in disk checker has broken in Windows. This is reported by the Windows Latest edition with reference to users of the operating system.

The problem stems from the Check Disk utility that comes with every copy of Microsoft’s OS by default. The program is intended for testing the state of hard drives and correcting errors; it has no graphical interface and is called by the chkdsk command. Windows users noticed that after the December updates appeared, the Check Disk system began to work incorrectly.

In particular, computer owners noted that when using the utility, the number of cases of critical failures increased. As a rule, the check of the disk status is interrupted by an error, often a Blue screen of death (BSoD) appears.

As of this writing, Microsoft has not commented on the hardware issue. Journalists associate the appearance of the error with the release of a new OS update, but do not name a specific reason. The negative consequences of the error are known: in particular, it is noted that when checking SSD-drives, Windows displays a message about the failure of the NTFS file system. The authors explained that this could lead to data loss.

In November, users of Microsoft’s operating system complained of updates that messed up Windows laptops. The owners of the devices complained that after putting the devices into sleep mode and exiting it, a “blue screen of death” appears.

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