COVID in Europe: Slovenia declared epidemic and Wales declared a severe lockdown

The authorities are introducing strict restrictive measures to prevent the spread of  infection.

In Slovenia, the authorities have declared an epidemic in the country, prohibited movement between regions, and introduced curfews at night. And in British Wales, the government announced the return of a hard lockdown.

So in Slovenia, the restriction on movement at night will take effect on October 20 and will be valid from 21:00 to 6:00 am. Exceptions will apply to travel to work and emergency cases related to emergencies.

“The restriction was based on experience from abroad, but mainly because during the past two weeks it was found that many cases of infection were the result of personal communication at night, private parties in restaurants, etc.,” said Interior Minister Ales Heuss.

It is also prohibited to move between all the regions from midnight on Tuesday. Departure from the region will be possible only for “working, economic, forestry and similar activities, removal of imminent danger to life and property, assistance to elderly people, access to medical services or pharmacies, for emergencies and judicial tasks, to care for people with special needs.

In addition, strict measures will be applied for collection in public places. The number of people who can gather in the open air has been reduced from 10 to six people. Only family members are an exception.

All meetings, all events, religious ceremonies, weddings, masses will also be prohibited.

And in Wales from Friday evening for 17 days will introduce a strict quarantine by analogy with the one introduced in March, reports Sky News.

There will be closed secondary retail, recreation and hotel business, restaurants and bars, community centers and libraries, as well as places of worship. At the same time, weddings and funerals are allowed.

The authorities emphasize that people should work from home — except workers in critical areas. All meetings indoors and outdoors with people with whom the person does not live are prohibited.

The elementary school will reopen after half the period, and secondary schools will only work for seventh and eighth-grade students.

Earlier it was reported that two temporary hospitals for patients with will be opened in Warsaw.

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