Coronavirus: The Czech Republic has introduced strict quarantine

The countries of the European Union are gradually returning to the tough epidemiological measures that were in effect six months ago — after Ireland, where restrictions were again imposed from today, the Czech Republic announced quarantine.

This was announced on October 21 by the Minister of Health of the country Roman Primula.

So, due to from October 22 to November 3, the country will operate a nationwide regime of restrictions on movement.

Residents of the country will be able to leave their homes only in urgent cases — to get to work, to buy essential goods in a store, or to a doctor. Exceptions are walks in nature, but with the observance of social distance — in public places and on the street it is forbidden to be without a mask.

Czechs are also urged to reduce the number of social contacts to the “necessary minimum”.

In addition, the authorities have banned all shops, except those that sell essential goods, and restaurants and cafes will only sell food to go.

It is worth noting that on this day in the Czech Republic a new “record” was reported — on October 20, 11,984 people were confirmed to have coronavirus. This is the absolute maximum since the beginning of the spread of the infection. In general, there are almost 194 thousand cases of infection in the country.

However, not everyone agrees with the return of restrictions — last weekend in Prague, several thousand people went to a protest against quarantine.

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