Coronavirus-killing lamp released in Japan

The invention is harmless to humans but deadly to the virus. The lamp is intended for use in rooms where there are people.

Japanese company Ushio Inc. released the Care 222 UV lamp that can kill indoor coronavirus. This was announced on Tuesday, September 22nd, by Kyodo News.

It is noted that the lamp was developed by the company together with Columbia University. It can be used to disinfect living quarters where people are constantly present — for example, buses, trains, elevators, offices.

UV lamps are widely used as sterilization media, especially in the medical and food industries. However, conventional UV lamps are not used in rooms where people are present, as they cause skin cancer and eye problems.

The new lamp emits ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 222 nanometers instead of the usual 254. This makes them deadly for the coronavirus, but harmless to humans. The effectiveness of 222-nanometer UV rays in the destruction of COVID-2019 was also confirmed by research from the University of Hiroshima.

The lamp is reported to cost $2,860. So far, the company only works with medical institutions.

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