Cellcom scandal: customers leave by the thousands

Cellcom scandal: customers leave by the thousands

One of the largest telephone service providers in Israel, Сellcom has announced that it will take part in the strike announced by the high committee for monitoring Israeli Arabs.

Cellcom announced that it will suspend work for an hour.

The company’s announcement read: “From 13: 00 to 14: 00, we will stand together — for the sake of coexistence, brotherhood, and love!”

The director of Wellcom is the former leader of the Avoda Party, Avi Gabay.

The announcement of the company generated a massive negative reaction among customers, who perceived such action as identification with the enemy, support for Hamas and Arab pogroms.

According to Yaakov Bardugo, a journalist at Radio Galei IDF, thousands of the company’s customers immediately refused its services, and the value of its shares on the stock exchange plummeted.

The refusal to work with Cellcom was announced by the Bnei Akiva Center for Educational Institutions, the Gush Etzion Regional Council, the Binyamin Regional Council, the Samaria Regional Council, and religious youth movements.

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