Canada responds to Russian sanctions

Canada responds to Russian sanctions

Canada responded to the sanctions imposed by Russia on nine Canadian citizens. This was stated in the Foreign Ministry of the North American country.

“We are aware of the Russian Federation’s decision to ban nine Canadians from entering Russia in response to the sanctions imposed by Canada on March 24. Russia’s sanctions against Canadian citizens, including members of the government, are unacceptable and unjustified,” the diplomats said.

On June 7, the Russian Foreign Ministry imposed restrictions on a number of Canadian citizens. Among others, the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of Canada David Lametti, the head of the Internal policy department of the Prime Minister’s office Marci Surkes, as well as the head of the Intelligence Department of the Canadian Armed Forces Scott Bishop were banned from entering Russia.

Moscow took this step because “official Ottawa continues to support initiatives directed against Russia at various levels, showing inappropriate and counterproductive activity in supporting the ultra-nationalist regime in Kyiv and Russophobic forces in the Baltic States, baseless accusations of our country’s “aggression” against Ukraine, as well as attempts to interfere in domestic Russian affairs,” the Russian Foreign Ministry explained.

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