California hospitals run out of COVID beds

The US state of California is facing the horrific scale of the  pandemic, becoming the first in the US to surpass the 2 million mark.

It is reported by the Los Angeles Times.

On December 29, California set a new daily “record” for deaths from the effects of  infection — 442, that is, one person every three minutes. The vast majority of patients — 242 — died in Los Angeles County, the most populous in the state.

In addition, by December 27, the number of patients in need of intensive care increased to almost 1,500. In this regard, only 54 beds remained free in such departments, and 94% of the district hospitals could not admit patients and therefore the ambulances were redirected.

The district health service noted that the situation is especially difficult in some small hospitals.

Gardena Memorial Hospital sent home almost all patients who were not in serious condition and can be treated at home.

And Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital, with 131 beds, accommodated 215 patients. In this regard, they are placed in all possible premises, including a souvenir shop, a conference room, and a chapel.

“If the situation continues to deteriorate, many hospitals will begin to ration health care. This means that we will have to make decisions about whom to treat and for whom resources may not be enough,” says hospital director Elaine Batchelor.

As of December 30, 2.2 million cases of were recorded in California, of which more than 746 thousand were in Los Angeles County.

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