Cable car cabin collapse in Italy: death toll rises to 9

Cable car cabin collapse in Italy: death toll rises to 9

The confirmed death toll in a cable car break in the Italian province of Turin has risen to 9. These are almost all the passengers who were in the cockpit.

According to “EUR News” with reference to Ansa, this was reported by the rescue service.

There were a total of 11 people in the cabin. Initially, four deaths were reported. Two children, aged 5 and 9, survived. They were evacuated by helicopter to a hospital in Turin.

Emergency services continue to work at the site.

Recall that the accident happened around 1 pm on April 23 on the cable car Stresa-Mottarone, which starts from Lake Maggiore and ends at an altitude of 1491 meters above sea level.

The cabin broke off at the highest point of the route, 300 meters before arrival, and fell in a wooded and inaccessible area.

The cable car was closed in 2014 for a major renovation costing four million euros and has been running again since August 2016.

During the lockdown, she did not work and received the first passengers on April 24. It is reported that on May 23, on a sunny weekend, many tourists flocked to see the views of the lake.

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