Brussels police will patrol in civilian clothes to combat street harassment

Brussels police will deploy plainclothes officers across the city from Monday to tackle street harassment of women.

It is reported by Politico.

Officers will patrol hotspots such as public transport stops in the Belgian capital, police spokesman Olivier Slosse said.

“How women feel in public spaces is one of the central points of our safety plan. Last year, we began educating staff about street harassment, how to deal with victims of street harassment, and how to draw up a protocol, “said Sloss.

“Now we are taking another step, going out into the streets and actively looking for the culprits. The idea is to catch the persecutors red-handed,” he added.

While street harassment is common, he said, “such incidents are rarely reported and when they are reported it is difficult to identify the culprit.”

“Even if the perpetrator is identified, this word of the victim is against his word. Therefore, our presence on the ground is necessary in order to establish these facts,” added Slossse.

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