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Britney Spears was accused of beating the housekeeper

Britney Spears was accused of beating the housekeeper

After Jamie Spears refused to be Britney’s guardian, she was immediately “embroiled” in a scandal.

American singer was recently released from the custody of her father Jamie Spears, but she has already been accused of inadequate behavior.

The singer is accused of beating her housekeeper, but Britney’s lawyer immediately responded to the scandal.

According to the BBC, the singer’s lawyer Matthew Rosengart said she did not beat the housekeeper.

“This is overblown, sensationalized tabloid fodder and nothing more. Anyone can write a statement, but you have to understand that this is a fabricated case. The police admitted the incident was “minor” and confirmed there were no injuries,” Rosengart said.

The allegedly stemmed from the singer’s dog, TMZ wrote. Spears’ housekeeper took the celebrity’s pet to the vet and claimed the animal was being mishandled. After she returned home, there was an argument between her and Britney. According to the housekeeper, Spears knocked her phone out of her hands and hit her. After that, the victim called the police and went to the station to write a report.

The could affect the custody and status of Britney Spears, who is suing Jamie’s father for custody revocation.

Britney Spears’ father previously said he would send his daughter to a mental hospital for treatment.

Back in early July, the court retained Jamie Spears as Britney’s custodian, disregarding all the evidence that the girl submitted.

However, it was revealed that was constantly being drugged and drugged with birth control at the behest of her father.

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