Britney Spears fought back haters criticizing her

Britney often comments in her comments that she looks weird when she dances. Spears decided to fight back the haters and explained why she doesn’t have to be perfect.

has not given concerts for several years, but she regularly pleases fans with new dance videos. True, the singer’s groovy dances are not for everyone: in the comments to Britney’s video, they often write that she looks strange when she dances. Spears decided to fight back the haters and explained why she doesn’t have to be perfect.

“I am trying to master technology on a par with a generation that is crazy about technology. I honestly can’t stand it! I record videos for fun, they don’t have to be perfect. If you think that I have to look perfect when I dance, then I’m sorry, I can’t do it, ” writes Britney.

“Sometimes we just need to have a little fun! Dancing brings me joy. I highly recommend them to anyone who lacks fun and excitement, ” added Spears.

Recall that in November, the singer lost the court to deprive her father of the right to her custody. Britney filed a lawsuit demanding to forbid her father to dispose of her property, but the court ruled against her, ruling that Jamie Spears will remain the star’s guardian until at least February 1, 2021, after which the custody case may be reviewed.

Spears was appointed the singer’s guardian in 2008 when Britney had a nervous breakdown after her divorce from Kevin Federline. Then Britney lost custody of two children. According to rumors, strict conditions of custody do not allow Britney to meet with the children without the knowledge of her father and even take takeaway coffee. In addition, the singer cannot get married or have a child without Jamie’s consent, she is also prohibited from signing documents, making large purchases, and generally managing her finances.

The singer does not comment on the situation with custody, which is why fans decided that she was under house arrest. Some fans are sure that the singer’s posts carry encrypted messages. So, commentators asked Britney to wear a yellow thing or upload a of a dove if she needed help, and sometimes the singer responded to their requests. Whether it is a coincidence or not, no one knows. We wish Britney good health anyway and hope she’s okay.

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