Britney Spears father insists that she formalize a prenuptial agreement

Britney Spears father insists that she formalize a prenuptial agreement

Jamie Spears fears that an Iranian-born fitness trainer may use Britney, as the singer’s first husband, dancer Kevin Federline, did at the time.

The engagement of and fitness trainer Sam Asgari has become one of the most discussed topics of this week. Sam presented Britney with a platinum ring with a four-carat diamond, made to order in the jewelry boutique Forever Diamonds. The word “lioness” is engraved on the inner side of the ring — this is the nickname Asgari gave the singer, referring to her indomitable and fearless character. Experts estimated the cost of the ring at $70 thousand.

39-year-old Spears and 27 — year-old Asgari have been dating for about five years-they met in 2016 on the set of the singer’s video Slumber Party. In various interviews, the lovers have repeatedly said that they would like to start a family, but until recently they could not do this because of the strict custody rules established by the singer’s father Jamie Spears. After Britney’s emotional speech in court, from which we learned that her father controlled her expenses, forced her to take medications that made her feel ill, and put an intrauterine device to avoid pregnancy, Jamie had to urgently give up custody of her daughter. This means that Britney no longer needs her father’s consent to marry or have a child.

However, Jamie still has some power over his daughter, since he is still the manager of her fortune, which is estimated at $60 million. According to Western media, Spears insists that Britney conclude a prenuptial agreement, and is already looking for a lawyer who will deal with this issue. According to Western sources, the singer herself is not against the marriage contract.

“Britney is already working on a prenuptial agreement. She understands that this is necessary, “said an insider from Spears’ entourage.

Britney’s fans are also in favor of signing a prenuptial agreement. The actress Octavia Spencer also joined them — she asked the singer to issue a prenuptial agreement, but later deleted her comment. Asgari has already managed to comment on the current situation. “Of course, we will conclude a prenuptial agreement,” he wrote on social networks. — I will not tolerate Britney taking away my Jeep and my shoe collection!”

And if it’s no joke, then the fears of Spears fans are quite justified. And it’s not even about Asgari, but about Britney’s previous marriage to the dancer Kevin Federline. Their union lasted only three years and brought the singer a lot of trouble: after the divorce, she had to pay Kevin compensation, in addition, she pays him monthly alimony for the maintenance of children, 16-year-old Sean, and 15-year-old Jayden. The boys live together with their father because, during the divorce process, the court-appointed Kevin as the children’s guardian. The singer was going through a difficult divorce and separation from her children, as a result of which she had a nervous breakdown. A year later, Spears was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and was declared temporarily incapacitated. At the same time, the court-appointed her a guardian in the person of Jamie Spears.

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