Britain to review security and defense strategy

Britain to review security and defense strategy

The authorities of the United Kingdom have planned the largest increase in the cost of maintaining the army.

In the UK, additional legislation “on countering the hostile activities of foreign states” will be adopted in the near future.

This was announced by the British Queen Elizabeth II in an address to both houses of parliament. The text of her speech was distributed on Tuesday, May 11, by the office of Prime Minister Boris Johnson at 10 Downing Street.

As follows from the document, we are talking about the law on “countering state threats” (Counter-State Threats Bill), as well as the law on “Telecommunications (Security) Bill”.

A comprehensive review of and defense strategies

In addition, the British cabinet will soon conduct a comprehensive review of the strategies in the field of “security, defense, development, and foreign policy”.

Queen Elizabeth II recalled that the authorities planned “the largest increase in spending” on the maintenance of the British armed forces, which” involves advancing the modernization program and strengthening the United Kingdom’s obligations to NATO.”

London will increase the threshold of nuclear potential

In mid-March, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the threshold for the country’s nuclear potential will be increased from 180 to 260 warheads, which, in particular, is spelled out in the Review of the country’s Defense and Foreign Policy after Brexit. This is necessary because of “the changing environment and the presence of a wide range of technological and doctrinal threats,” the document said. For this purpose, part of the 24 billion pounds (27.9 billion euros) that the government plans to spend on the modernization of the armed forces will be spent.

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