Brazilian president released from hospital after surgery

Brazilian president released from hospital after surgery

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was discharged from the Sao Paulo clinic on Saturday afternoon after the surgery to remove a stone in his bladder. This was reported by the Globo TV channel with reference to the medical facility.

“President Jair Bolsonaro, hospitalized at the Albert Einstein clinic on Friday morning, was discharged on Saturday at 13:30,” the TV channel quoted the clinic’s press service as saying. It is clarified that the politician has already flown to Brasilia, where he is expected to return to work on Monday.

At the end of August, the head of the state underwent ultrasound diagnostics. A stone a little larger than a bean was found in his kidney. Then the president did not complain about his health, attributing this problem to age. On Friday, the head of the state underwent an hour and a half operation.

Bolsonaro was hospitalized several times during his term as president. In December last year, he fell, slipping in the official residence, after which, as he later admitted himself, for some time lost his memory. Earlier, Bolsonaro told the press that he suspected he had skin cancer, but histological examination did not confirm his fears.

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