Berlin polices in a helicopter dispersed people from a frozen lake

Berlin police used a helicopter to drive hundreds of people, including children, off the ice on a small lake.

This is reported by Bild.

Police used a helicopter in one of the districts of the German capital, where many people gathered on a small lake.

The video, which is widely discussed on social media, shows terrified people trying to leave the icy surface with their children on sleds and dogs.

Later, people said that at first they thought about carrying out a rescue operation — but after the helicopter appeared, an announcement was made: “Attention, attention, this is a police helicopter, you are in danger, the icy surface may not support you, go to the shore, have a good evening.”

The men followed the instructions, and in a few minutes, the surface of the lake was empty.

One user accused the Berlin police of being irresponsible: “You should know that the vibrations coming from the helicopter can break the ice. It was the most inappropriate way to save people. But this is Berlin.”

It is not yet clear whether the helicopter will be used in the future. A Berlin police spokesman said on Monday morning that what happens on the Berlin lakes will be monitored and a decision will be made depending on it.

Berlin authorities have repeatedly urged people to refrain from going out on the ice, because it may be too thin, despite the low temperatures in recent days.

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