Berlin has confirmed the invariability of its position on Nord Stream 2

Nord Stream 2 envisages the construction of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year. His main opponents are the United States of America.

The authorities of some member states of the European Union have previously made proposals to include the Nord Stream 2 project as one of the points of discussion on new restrictions against the Russian Federation, but Berlin’s position will remain unchanged, said Christopher Burger, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Germany.

“This has been proposed in the past by various European governments, so this is not news. At the same time, you know the position of the German government on this matter, in which … nothing has changed, “Burger replied to a question from a press representative about whether the Nord Stream 2 project is” part of the discussions on in the  “ against the RF.

Speaking about the position taken by on Nord Stream 2, Burger clarified that “this position … we, of course, know”, against the background of which Berlin does not know whether this position has somehow changed.

Note that earlier, Clement Bon, who holds the post of Secretary of State at the French Foreign Ministry, on the air of the France Inter radio station said that it seemed to him a very real decision to expand restrictions against the Russian Federation against the background of the situation with blogger Alexei Navalny. Bon emphasized that the European Union “is considering an option” to extend the effect of possible restrictions to Nord Stream 2.

We will remind, in the European Parliament, last week adopted a resolution against the background of the arrest of Navalny. On the basis of the document, the European Union is required to immediately “prevent the completion of the project”, as well as “sensibly strengthen” the effect of restrictive measures against the Russian Federation.

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