Belgium lifts age limit for AstraZeneca vaccine

The country’s health council, after receiving new data, allowed people over 55 years of age to be vaccinated with the drug.

The Belgian authorities have authorized the use of the AstraZeneca COVID  when vaccinating people over 55 years old. On Wednesday, March 3, Politico reports.

The Belgian Health Council now believes that the drug is safe and effective enough.

was one of the countries in the that did not recommend the use of the AstraZeneca  for the elderly, setting an age limit of 55 to 65, citing insufficient data.

However, promising data was released in February that showed that a single dose of the vaccine significantly reduced hospital admissions in England and Scotland, after which the countries began to gradually remove age restrictions.

“The data looks promising at first glance,” the Belgian authorities said in an updated recommendation.

However, the Council emphasized the need to exercise caution with previous, not yet published data.

We will remind, on the eve of the French authorities also changed the recommendations regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine, allowing it to vaccinate the older age group.

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