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Belarus has accused the EU of a terrible attitude to migrants

Belarus has accused the EU of a terrible attitude to migrants

The events of recent weeks give grounds to assert, State Secretary of the Council of Belarus Alexander Volfovich stated with alarm on Wednesday, that in the European Union “migrants are treated like cattle, beating them and depriving them of normal human conditions.”

In an interview with journalists, the Secretary of State drew their attention to the fact that recently the flow of negative information has been increasing, in which they are trying to reproach the Republic of Belarus for almost condoning illegal migration. In this regard, he questioned the validity of such accusations, suggesting that European partners take a closer look “at the root of the issue, look for the true reasons for the increase in the flow of illegal migration in the western direction.”

He recalled that it was the countries of the collective West, under the pretext of introducing democratic values, that plunged many countries of the Middle East into a state of war, which once flourished: “They overthrow leaders, destroy cities, the economy. Of course, the civilian population is trying to find those countries where this is not the case, “ the Secretary of State noted.

However, according to him, forced migrants were treated in European countries as prisoners of war were once treated in concentration camps.

“They are driven into closed territories, which are surrounded by barbed wire, kept in inhumane conditions. They pour water from water cannons, poison with gas so that people who are beginning to be indignant will be silenced, “ Alexander Volfovich listed the facts.

Moreover, he stressed that people are forcibly pushed from the territory of neighboring countries to the territory of Belarus, knowing how reliably the state border is protected in the republic.

“That is, they are, in fact, pushing peaceful people with a human shield against border guards. Before that, they beat them to a semi-conscious state, take away their documents. Women and children don’t count for anything. Where are the democratic values here, what can we talk about?”, the Secretary of State of the Council asked rhetorical questions.

He also recalled the egregious fact when an Iraqi citizen who came from the territory of Lithuania was discovered by a border patrol.

“The man was beaten to such a state that he almost died in the hands of the border guards,” the Secretary of State stressed.

By the way, according to BelTA, on Wednesday the Belarusian “border patrol” identified a group of five Iraqi citizens who were forcibly expelled by the neighboring side to Belarus. The foreigners had external signs of violence with the use of firearms and traces of bites of service dogs.” According to the border committee, first aid was provided to the victims, after which they were taken to medical institutions in Belarus.

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