Austria offers travel privileges for vaccinated people

Austrian Secretary of State Magnus Brunner said that the current government policy on flight bans and restrictions should be changed in connection with the start of vaccination.

This was reported by The Local.

Brunner, whose department is responsible for aviation policy, said should adopt a “dual strategy” that would require people to either show proof of vaccination or get a negative test before leaving the country of departure.

“I am convinced that vaccination can replace quarantine. Then you can travel and fly all over Europe again. It’s a way to get to your vacation destination safely and healthily,” Brunner said.

He called for a European-level solution to the issue, saying that “it doesn’t make sense for Austria, especially in aviation,” to act alone.

has already begun rolling out test infrastructure at Vienna Airport.

Austrian Health Minister Rudolf Anschober, however, has ruled out giving vaccinated people special privileges, although lawyers say this applies only to the public sector.

Private sector companies, including airlines, will have the legal right to sell tickets under certain conditions.

As a reminder, there is a debate in the about the so-called “vaccination passport” and the expansion of opportunities for vaccinated people.

The Greek prime minister was the first to call on the to adopt a “standardized” vaccination certificate to give a boost to the tourism industry devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said she generally agreed with the idea. Romania and opposed it.

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