Austria “closes off” from its neighbors

Everyone entering the country will have to sign a document confirming that they are going into quarantine

Austrian authorities have decided to close the borders with the and Slovakia because of the coronavirus.

This was announced by Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, reports The Local.

At larger border crossings there will be introduced fixed control, while smaller border crossings will be completely closed. Interior Minister Karl Nehammer described the situation in Slovakia and the as “extremely tense.”

“In the Czech Republic, in particular, there is a huge number of new infections with a 7-day incidence of 680 (per 100,000 people),” he said.

Anyone entering will have to sign a document confirming that they are going into quarantine. If this document is not signed, the entry will be denied.

Earlier, introduced a series of mobile control systems that screened people randomly. Of these, about 10,000 people — mostly third-country nationals — were denied entry to Austria.

Earlier in Belgium, due to an increase in the incidence of COVID-19, quarantine was tightened.

Recall, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced the introduction of the state of emergency in the British capital because of the coronavirus. This decision was taken because of the threat of overcrowding in hospitals.

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