Attractive sectors for investors in 2021 named

Analyst Suzanne Streeter of Hargreaves Lansdown, a financial services firm based in the UK, believes the COVID-19 has impacted investors, forcing them to develop a new strategy for the financial market.

In defining the most important directions for themselves in the coming years, they began to take into account the increased demand for technology in the conditions of remote work and the increased need for medicines and quality services.

In this regard, the main priorities for investors, the analyst believes, in 2021 will be the shares of companies from the technology and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as projects related to medicine.

According to Streeter, innovative technologies will continue to be in high demand, which will keep investors interested in technology stocks. Their shares will be bought despite increased regulation of tech giants’ platforms.

Investors will also be interested not only in the shares of pharmaceutical companies but also in M&A deals with their participation. The shares of firms specializing in diagnostics and medical equipment will also be in demand.

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