Apple unveils Airbags device for finding things

has introduced AirTags tags that allow you to find different things using the iPhone, according to the official YouTube channel of the company.

AirTags are small round beacons equipped with Bluetooth LE wireless low-power technology, as well as a battery, a speaker, and an accelerometer — a device that measures acceleration.

Tags can be attached to any item, such as keys, a backpack, or a suitcase. The search is performed through the Find My app, which provides accurate visual and audio navigation. The company noted that the beacons can be customized for themselves, and the battery will last for a year of use.

As clarifies, Air Tags are designed to track things, not people. According to representatives, even the company will not know about the location of things.

The beacons will be available from April 30, and pre-order is available from April 23. One AirTags will cost $29, a set of four will cost $99.

Earlier, introduced the new in purple.

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