Another scandal erupted around the Oscar

According to Variety, one of the film academics refused to watch a film entitled “Never, rarely, sometimes, always” directed by Eliza Hittman “for reasons of morality.”

According to the plot of the picture, a minor Emma, hiding an accidental pregnancy, goes on a journey across the country to have an abortion. 80-year-old film academic Keith Merrill wrote a letter to Eliza Hittman in which he noted that he had not the slightest interest in watching a movie about a girl striving at all costs to kill her unborn child, since such behavior of a woman and a mother absolutely contradicts his personal moral values. Merrill added that he is a Christian, a happy father of eight children, and a grandfather of thirty-nine grandchildren (and, accordingly, a fierce opponent of abortion, as you might guess).

Hitman replied that she did not expect to get into the Oscar race, since the Academy has long been dominated by white male conservatives, and nothing in this sense is changing or progressing. And she added the hashtag “Oscar is so puritanical.”

Recall that in past years, racist and gender scandals with the corresponding hashtags “Oscar is so white” and “Oscar is so masculine” alternately raged around the award.

The 2021 Oscar nominees will be announced on March 15th. The announcement ceremony of the winners will take place on the night of April 25-26.

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