An island resort made of garbage to be built in the Indian Ocean

An island resort made of garbage to be built in the Indian Ocean

In the Indian Ocean, an artificial resort island will be built from garbage, which will constantly expand due to new waste, reports the Daily Mail.

According to architect Margo Krasojevic, garbage bags will be placed under the wooden pedestrian paths from which construction will begin. They will collect floating waste, which will later be used to expand the island.

The resort will be equipped with a hotel for tourists, where they will equip showers using distilled seawater. The resort is scheduled to open in 2025, with camping facilities set up on the island before the hotel opens.

Earlier, Australian scientists estimated that the bottom of the world’s oceans contains 9.25-15.87 million tons of microplastics-particles ranging in size from five millimeters to one micron. Despite the fact that in some samples the amount of plastic was at the near-zero level, in others, its concentration reached 13.6 particles per gram, which is 25 times higher than previous estimates of plastic at the bottom of deep seas.

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