An apartment building collapsed in Spain

An apartment building collapsed in Spain

A three-story residential building collapsed in the Spanish municipality of Peniscola. This is reported by El Pais.

According to the local police, at least three people were missing under the rubble. One of them might still be alive. He answered the calls of the rescue service. Now all forces are focused on his search and rescue.

It is noted that in addition to the man, ambulance crews are trying to find a woman and her son.

Now six fire brigades and personnel of emergency rescue units, a dog squad have been transferred to the scene of the incident.

The cause of the incident is currently unknown. It is noted that this is not an and that the building could not fall apart due to its service life — it was built not so long ago.

At the same time, nine families, including 30 people, will be relocated from this and the neighboring house.

Civil engineers from the Peniscola City Council were sent to the scene to analyze the situation and determine whether there is a risk of collapse of the rest of the building.

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