Celebrity Scandals

After claiming brutal rape, Armie Hammer was fired in the middle of Filming

It seems that Armie Hammer at the height of his fame in Hollywood can lose everything. The actor was fired from the project “The Billion Dollar Spy”.

Back in October 2020, Armie Hammer was approved for the filming of “Billion Dollar Spy”. The plot of the film about the Cold war between the United States and was based on real events, and the actor had to reincarnate as Brad Reid, who had just moved to the Moscow department of the CIA.

The of the film has begun, so the losses from the dismissal of Armie Hammer will be considerable. The actor’s partner in this film was Mads Mikkelsen. It is not yet known how many joint scenes the stars of the tape have already filmed, and who will replace Hammer in the project “Spy for a billion dollars”.

The film was directed by Emma Assante. It is she who, together with the producers of the tape, will look for a replacement for the scandalous actor in a short time.

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