About 50 people were detained at protests in Spain

Street in Spain began after the police detained rapper, Pablo Hasel.

About 50 people were detained in Spain at protests against the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasel, convicted of glorifying terrorism and insulting the crown. This was reported on Wednesday, February 17, by the newspaper El Periodico.

Detentions took place in Madrid, Barcelona, and throughout Catalonia.

In particular, in Catalonia, where occurred in a number of cities, including Barcelona, 29 people were detained. In Madrid, 14 people were detained, at least five police officers were injured. In the Spanish capital, there are also victims among the protesters. In Catalonia-Barcelona and Lleida-eight people were injured. They mostly have minor injuries, one person received moderate injuries, and two people were taken to hospitals.

The police harshly suppressed attempts to violate public order and used rubber bullets, batons, and tear against the protesters. In response, the protesters threw stones at law enforcement officers.

In addition, according to media reports, a fire broke out at the protest.

The street began after police detained Pablo Hasel, a rapper who was found guilty of justifying terrorism and insulting the royal family.

And the police had to storm the building of the University of Lleida in Catalonia to detain the musician.

In 2015, Hasel was sentenced to two years of probation for glorifying left-wing terrorism, but in 2018 he was given a new sentence. The court found that 64 of his posts on and one composition on YouTube made statements glorifying terrorism and containing slander against the monarchy and state institutions.

The rapper was sentenced to nine months in prison, but the trials dragged on for several years. He was supposed to have voluntarily arrived at the prison last Friday, February 12, but refused to do so and on Monday barricaded himself in the University of Lleida along with almost 50 supporters.

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