A third of German residents do not want to get vaccinated against coronavirus

34% of Germans say that they will not allow themselves to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

This is evidenced by the results of a survey by the Norstat Institut for the Bertelsmann Foundation, reports by DW.

According to the survey, acceptance of -related restrictions and readiness for depends on the corresponding values. Among people with a humanistic character, for whom values such as justice and tolerance are particularly important, about 80% support the priority of protecting life and the restrictions associated with the pandemic, the Bertelsmann Foundation in Guetersloh said at the launch of the survey.

However, in the group of people who are mainly focused on results, almost one in two (46%) reject such restrictions on freedom.

Those who criticize restrictions on civil liberties are also skeptical about vaccinations. According to the study, 44% of the group of people for whom self-realization and professional success are important do not want to get vaccinated under any circumstances. In the humanist group, only 25% are against vaccination.

In general, according to the study “Between Individual Freedom and the Common Good”, two-thirds of respondents have a positive attitude to restrictions. One in three (34%) said they did not want to get vaccinated.

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