A special operation “Purification” is taking place in Slovakia. Ex-head of police detained

Ex-head of police detained

In Slovakia, during a special operation, law enforcement officers detained ex-head of police Tibor Gaspar and former head of the National Agency for Criminalistics Peter Hrashk.

This was reported by the press secretary of the Special Department of the Prosecutor’s Office of the country Yana Tyukulyova.

According to her, “during Operation Purge, a significant number of people were detained for crimes, including the creation and support of the activities of an organized criminal group, as well as abuse of office.”

Reportedly, the operation takes place throughout Slovakia, it is associated with the of information about the involvement of high-ranking law enforcement officials in criminal offenses, including corruption. Many of the suspects have stepped down from office following the February 21, 2018 assassination of Slovak investigative journalist Jan Kutsiak, who wrote about corruption in the country’s highest echelons.

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