A new forest fire broke out near Rome in Italy

A new forest fire broke out near Rome in Italy

In 40 kilometers to the east of Rome broke out a new forest fire.

This is reported by Reuters.

The fire began in a nature reserve of Monte Catillo near the town of Tivoli, which is considered a suburb of Rome.

Due to the spread of fire on the night of August 13 evacuated 25 families — residents of the surrounding area and 30 orphanage children.

Another fire was extinguished near the southern town of Otranto in Puglia, where vacationers from the coastal resort were evacuated, and the highway south of the town was blocked to traffic.

As reported, the fires in Sicily on August 13 were brought under control, the fight against fires in Calabria continues.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi has promised financial aid for communities affected by forest fires and a special plan to restore forest plantations and improve the country’s preparedness for natural disasters.

Recall that is suffering from a record-breaking heatwave, with temperatures in Rome now at +37C. On August 12, Sicily recorded a temperature of +48.8C, which could be a new temperature record for the whole of Europe.

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