A marijuana plantation was found near the Bank of England

The first cannabis plantation was discovered in the historic financial district of London, where office buildings stand empty across a lockdown.

Reported by Reuters.

London police reported that 826 cannabis plants were found in a building near the Bank of England. Police said they received a report of a “strong cannabis odor,” which led to the raid.

“This is the first cannabis factory in the City, and is undoubtedly created in response to the fact that during the pandemic there are fewer people here who may have noticed an unusual activity,” the police said in a statement.

The City of London, home to the world’s largest commercial insurance market, banks, and fund managers, has been deserted since March after most workers were asked to work from home.

During an online event on Wednesday, Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said people were likely to joke about what the central bankers were doing.

“Now we’re going to be the subject of endless jokes like ‘now we know how the Bank of England worked,‘” he said. “I’m sure there will be many more jokes. It should be said that it is very quiet around the Bank of England, “Bailey added.

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