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A large European low-coster has lost a billion dollars

British low-coster EasyJet, one of the largest in Europe, received a loss of 1.05-1.09 billion dollars in the 2020 fiscal year. This was the first time in 25 years of the air carrier’s existence. In this regard, EasyJet appealed to the British government for help.

The Guardian writes about it.

Only from September to July 2020, the airline lost 62% of passengers, if compared with the volumes of transportation. In winter 2020-2021 EasyJet plans to save money by focusing only on the most profitable flights. The routing grid of the low-coster will be reduced by three quarters.

“The British government urgently needs to adopt an individual package of measures to ensure that airlines can support economic recovery when it happens,” EasyJet Executive Director Johan Lundgren said.

Let’s remind that many airlines continue to appear from flights or reduce their number.

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