A homeless man climbed into Johnny Depp’s house. He took a shower and …

A homeless man climbed into Johnny Depp’s Hollywood mansion. Writes about this TMZ with reference to sources in law enforcement agencies. According to the publication, the man first made his way to the backyard of Depp’s neighbor, after which he climbed into the actor’s house. When he climbed over the fence to Depp’s site, the neighbors had already called the police.

But the man was not a miss either. Once visiting Depp, he quickly felt at home: he took a shower and drank alcohol from the home bar. The police arrived at the scene and found the homeless man in the bathroom. The man was detained and charged with vandalism — for the fact that during the arrest the police had to break down the door.

Eminem faced a similar situation last spring. A homeless man climbed into the rapper’s house in Clinton Township, Michigan, and threatened to kill the artist. Looking ahead, let’s say that everything ended well: Eminem was able to escort the uninvited guest and called security.

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