A hacker attack was foiled in the U.S. that could have affected the elections

The American corporation Microsoft prevented a large-scale hacker attack against US voters. This attack could have affected the US presidential election, CNN reports.

According to Tom Burt, Microsoft’s vice president of security, the company has shut down the Trickbot botnet servers. used it to distribute ransomware and launch other cyber attacks.

The corporation believes that cybercriminals could use ransomware to infect computers with lists of American voters or reflect the election results, and then begin to “wreak havoc and distrust” at the appointed time.

Trickbot has infected over a million computers worldwide in four years, according to Microsoft. Studies have shown that the services of a botnet were used by both some states and criminal groups.

Earlier, Microsoft said it had found signs of interference by a group of cybercriminals from Russia, Iran, and in the US electoral process ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

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