A dangerous virus was found in WhatsApp

A dangerous virus has been discovered in WhatsApp — the malware automatically spreads through messages in the messenger, according to researcher Lukas Stefanko of ESET. Details are provided on the WeLiveSecurity website.

It is noted that the breach is found and works in the version for smartphones running on the operating system. Thus, a potential victim receives in WhatsApp a link to the malicious mobile application Mobile, which claims the alleged opportunity to win a smartphone.

According to Stefanko, the link redirects users to a site very similar in design to the Google Play app store. The main goal is to convince the victim to install the program.

Once installed, the app requests access to notifications, through which it will conduct attacks. Using the quick response feature, the virus sends the link to other users. Such messages can be sent no more than once an hour. Stefanko sees this as a way to avoid the suspicion that the link is dangerous.

The software also requests permission to run in the background and on top of other applications, a method often used by fraudsters to steal credentials. However, according to the specialist, so far the attackers are using it to make money by constantly displaying ads on the smartphone screen.

Earlier it was reported that users of the messenger WhatsApp may face the so-called “New Year virus”. Attackers attach to messages with greetings links to infected pages, clicking on which jeopardizes the work of your smartphone or computer.

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