A COVID-19 vaccination center has been opened in Dracula’s Castle

A COVID-19 vaccination center has been opened in Dracula's Castle

In the Bran Castle in Romania, known as Count Dracula’s castle, a free point for COVID-19 has been opened. This is reported on the page of the attraction in the social network Facebook.

will be carried out as part of the marathon every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in May. Everyone will be vaccinated with a drug developed by Pfizer and BioNTech without an appointment.

All those vaccinated will be issued special certificates of at Bran Castle. In addition, they will receive a free ticket to visit the exhibition of medieval torture instruments.

A separate Facebook page dedicated to the marathon specifies that the will be carried out by the mobile medical team. The campaign is organized jointly with the Public Health Department of the City of Brasov, the local center for the Elderly and the Prefecture of Brasov.

Earlier, the governor of the US state of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, promised residents free beer for vaccinations against coronavirus. A glass of beer will be distributed to every adult who gets vaccinated in May. The certificate will need to be presented to one of the participating breweries.

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