660 thousand per day: Britain set a record for vaccinations

The has set a record of over 660,000  vaccinations per day.

It is reported by Sky News.

On Thursday, March 19, 660,276 vaccinations were given in the UK, of which about 528,000 with the first dose and 132,000 with the second dose.

This is almost 50,000 more than the previous record set on January 30, when 609,000 vaccinations were given in one day.

Recall that the other day the UK crossed the mark of 25 million people vaccinated against  with at least the first dose. This is about half of the entire adult population.

To date, more than 26 million Britons have been vaccinated — 49.9% of adults, of which more than 2 million — with both doses.

At the same time, in the future, the rate of may slow down due to the global reduction in supplies.

About 4,800 people fell ill with  on the last day, 101 patients died. The day before, 6,300 new infections were reported. Since the peak of the autumn-winter wave of the epidemic in early January, the indicators have been steadily declining.

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