25 million people vaccinated against coronavirus in Britain

25 million people in have received at least one dose of the  vaccine.

According to Sky News, such data was released by the government on the evening of March 17.

Health Department data indicate that nearly half of the country’s adult population is already vaccinated, including 90% of people who are considered particularly vulnerable.

In total, 25,273,226 people received the first dose of the vaccine, and about 1.7 million of them were vaccinated with both doses.

“The last remarkable achievement is 25 million reasons for confidence in the future, while we are gradually beginning to ‘open’ the country. Thanks to our doctors, scientists, military personnel, volunteers, and everyone involved in the supply of vaccines,” Prime Minister wrote on his Twitter.

By April 15, the government expects to vaccinate 32 million people with the first dose, covering all 9 priority groups.

This week, people over the age of 50 began to receive invitations for vaccination.

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