20 thousand euros paid for a German nuclear bunker

In Germany, a plot of land in a forest with a bunker built in the GDR for the leadership of the local branch of the Socialist United Party of was auctioned. The property cost the buyer 20.5 thousand euros.

We are talking about a facility built in the 1960s and 1970s north of Berlin in the event of “military emergencies”, in a particular nuclear war. The bunker area is 280 square meters. It is accompanied by a forest plot of 5 thousand square meters, fenced with barbed wire. However, there are holes in the fence for a long time, vandals and lovers of abandoned places have visited the bunker, so it is now in a rather deplorable state and needs major repairs. That’s why the initial bid was so low — only 7 thousand euros (for comparison: at the same auction, parking for a motorcycle in an underground garage in Berlin’s Pankow district was put up for auction for 9900 euros).

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