Xi Jinping recognizes the US as the main threat to China in the world

Chairman of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China considers America “the biggest source of chaos”

In response to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who called China the main geopolitical challenge of the 21st century, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared the United States the “greatest threat” to his country.

Reported by The New York Times.

“The biggest source of chaos in the modern world is the United States. The United States is the biggest threat to our country’s development and security,” said the head of the Chinese Communist Party.

And in the context of the economic prospects of the Celestial Empire, Xi Jinping said that “the East is growing and the West is declining.”

Statements by the Chairman of the Communist Party of China may indicate that the Celestial Empire is gradually moving away from the blow that the coronavirus inflicted on it

Xi Jinping is expected to talk more about his country’s development strategy at the National People’s Congress, which is the main legislative body of the PRC.

Recall that last month, US President Joe Biden instructed the Pentagon to create a working group to review the military strategy towards China.

We also wrote that speaking at the Munich Security Conference this year, Biden called on the European Union to act as a united front with the United States in confronting the Celestial Empire.

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