Without quarantine in Germany, there will be 400 thousand infections per day

Without quarantine in Germany, there will be 400 thousand infections per day

If quarantine restrictions are not introduced, then at the current rate of spread of coronavirus in Germany, the daily increase in new infections by Christmas will reach 400 thousand. The corresponding forecast was made by the vice-president of the Robert Koch Institute Lars Schade at a briefing on Tuesday, November 3.

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According to him, in 10 days the country recorded a doubling of the number of new infections — if at the beginning of October the increase fluctuated within 1-4 thousand, then in a month, it was already 19 thousand. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 560,379 cases of coronavirus have been detected in the country.

Shade stressed that this scenario can only be “slowed down” by quarantine measures. The authorities have to constantly adapt measures because a dynamic situation requires a dynamic response.

We will remind you that earlier Germany introduced strict quarantine. New measures are necessary for the health care system to cope with the situation with the coronavirus, the German Chancellor said.

It was also reported that the German vaccine will be ready for the final phase of trials by the end of the year. Scientists call the intermediate research results “very encouraging.” In the last phase of testing, up to 30 thousand volunteers will take part.

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