Why did Beyonce wear a necklace with the Russian word “area”?

Recently, Beyonce posted photos from a trip to Las Vegas on Instagram. In the photo, the singer poses in a white pantsuit decorated with gold chains. In addition to them, Beyonce wore a personalized necklace, as well as a necklace with the Russian word “area”, thus puzzling her Russian-speaking fans.

“Why does she have an area around her neck? Is it possible that this is a reference to the new album?» — suggested the fans. Of course, it was not without jokes: “And what is the area? The First President of the Red One?»

There were also those who decided that the singer’s necklace had something to do with geometry. However, the solution was much easier: one of the subscribers noticed that the letters on the chains that adorn the costume of Beyonce also form the word “area” in different languages: “There is an inscription in Arabic, which means” area”. And in Chinese, too. I don’t know Chinese, of course, but I’m sure it says “area” too. Most likely, it is a brand of some kind.”

And it’s true — Beyonce dressed in a suit of the New York brand Area, and the words on the chains are the name of the brand in different languages. The word area (“area”, “territory”) was not translated correctly by the brand into Russian as “square”. So the mysterious Beyonce pendant is nothing more than a logo.

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